Canon 5d Mark II

Gear for photography

How to get the most out of less

It is definitely challenging to go hiking with a backpack stuffed with gear. But what if you need this one special thing you just left home? You have to improvise and take chances.

I try to reduce my gear as much as possible and watch out for new ideas. In addition, you should ask yourself if it always has to be the „official“ way. Usually you get at least 80% of way with just 20% of the gear.


How to carry

If you do hiking, a backpack is a must. But you not only have to restrict yourself on what gets in. Every kilo counts. 
In case you want to get some nice footage, don’t forget your gimbal. Think about leaving your tripod at the basecamp.

Glasses Linsen Canon


I like glasses a lot and have several, but sometimes just three glasses are still a lot to carry. If you could convince someone to carry your extra luggage, prime lenses are indispensable. Although there might be better ones, I like canon lenses a lot because of their colors.


Stands and tripods

Tripods are a hate-love affair. In certain situations there is no way to go without them, but usually they are a kind of a dead mass to carry around. I more and more rely on might already be there.


The rest

Magic Lantern - I still couldn't do without it. It is the best that ever happened to Canon's cameras. On my 5d Mark III it runs like a charm, on the 50d it’s great . It takes a while to get uset to it, but in the end you get features you do not easily see anywhere else on the market. The list is long.